Folding Platform Ladders

The Allweld Folding Platform ladder is the premier product on the folding platform market.

Built like no other it is absolutely an industrial grade product.  All other brands appear inferior when scrutinised against the Allweld ladder. It can be found in all corners of Australia and is by far the most popular product in the Allweld Industrial Ladder range.

Folding Platforms Aussie built, and built to last

Australian owned, designed and built, the Allweld platform ladder is a classic example of superior Aussie workmanship.  From the large reinforced checker plate platform, to the smallest component on the ladder, all material is high quality and built to last. Platform ladders are fabricated from fully welded aluminium. Ladders are designed and constructed in accordance with AS/NZS 1665:2004 and AS/NZS 1892.1:2018 pt1. maintence free working life.

200kg Load Rated Platform Ladder

A 200kg load rating testifies to their strength.This means you are getting a genuine industrial grade platform ladder that will give you a long, maintence free working life.

Allweld platform ladder has many safety features
Folding Platform Ladders have many safety features.

Allweld Industrial Ladders have a big focus on safety. Wide non-slip steps combined with full length grab rails up each side of the ladder contribute to the high safety rating of the Allweld Platform ladder. In addition the optional safety gate reduces the risk of falling off the ladder and bolt on handrails can further enhance the safety rating. The platform is 700mm long x 400mm wide which gives the operator a large, safe area to work from. Employee safety is paramount to the success of every business.

Platform Ladders Save time and Save Money

The large aluminium platform gives the operator a bigger working area. Accessing more from a single ladder set up significantly saves time. This time saving starts accumulating from the moment you begin using an Allweld Platform ladder.

Easy to use Folding Platform Ladders

The Allweld Folding platform ladder is easy to use. When folding into position the spreader bar automatically locks into position.

Safety Gates for Platform Ladders

An optional safety gate is available which fully encloses the operator on the platform. This is a great safety feature and quite often is a standard requirement on some work sites, particularly within the mining industry. The ladder can still be folded up whilst the safety gate is attached to the ladder. Because the Allweld platform is quite large, there is plenty of room to move even when the gate is shut behind you.

Handrails an Optional Extra for Platform Ladders

Yellow powder coated handrails bolt on to assist ascending and descending the ladder. This option is in addition to the existing grab rails which come standard on the ladder.

Platform Ladders with Optional Castors

Automatic spring operated castors (Light Duty Castors) make shifting and positioning the platform ladder easy. Automatic spring operated castors are available on the two, three, four, five and six step models. A lever castor system (Heavy Duty Castors) operates the seven and eight step platform ladders and this gives maximum stability for these large units. The lever system is also available for the six step platforms on request. The lever castor system is simply operated by the operators' foot but still allows the platform ladder to be folded up.

Wall Brackets for Platform Ladder Storage

Wall brackets are available for ladder stowage where space constraints apply. Simply fold and hang your platform ladder out of the way.

Loading Trays for Platform Ladders

A clip on loading is a great accessory for keeps light tools close handy whilst on the platform ladder. The tray has a load rating of 5kg and four sides to stop the tools from rolling off.

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Safety Gates for Platform Ladders

Safety Gate

Handrails an Optional Extra for Platform Ladders


HD Castors

HD Castors

Platform Ladders with Optional  Light Duty Castors

LD Castors

Loading Trays for Platform Ladders - 5kg max

Loading Tray - 5kg max

Wall Brackets for Platform Ladder Storage

Wall Mounting Bracket

Allweld Folding Platform Ladders Available Everywhere
ALLWELD ladders have been around for more than 30 years and are found in every corner of Australia.  Our reputation as a quality industrial ladder is widespread.  Why not email us for a quote including delivery now at