Aircraft Access Platforms

B737 entry stairs

B737 entry stairs

ALLWELD Industrial Ladders are helping to keep TOLL off the ground!  The B737 Cargo Plane requires a large stable platform to access the cargo hold. This unit has a tow hitch, stabiliser jacks, rubber bumpers, high visibility anti slip nosings, warning decal and 200mm diameter heavy duty castors.
Aircraft maintenance stand fabricated by Allweld

Aircraft Refuelling Stand

RAAF commissioned ALLWELD design and fabricate Refuelling stands for their Caribou Aircraft. Access steps enable Engineers to safely refuel in all conditions.
Aircraft access platform

Aircraft Access Stairs

Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service had their access steps designed and fabricated by ALLWELD Industrial ladders.
Aircraft Stair Access Stand

Mobile Platform Access Stand

Mobile Access Stand.  Stair access, rubber bumpers and a removable side guard rail with storage brackets when guard rail not in use.

146 Aircraft Stairs

Access stairs double for cargo loading and pilot entry.  400mm diameter puncture proof wheels, side winding jacks, all fully welded aluminium, Aussie made heavy duty construction.