Cross over Platforms


Allweld Industrial Ladders design and fabricate aluminium walkway cross overs. Custom designed to suit the span and clearance required.  Walkways can either consist of aluminium mesh or aluminium tread plate.

Light, portable Aluminium Walkways

Fabricated from aluminium the crossover platforms are light enough to remain portable when space constraints are  tight. Alternatively bolt the foot plates down for a permanent installation.

Aluminium mesh walkways and stairs, give superior traction and safety.  Guard railing and toeboards ensure all units conform with AS 1657-1992 Fixed Platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders – Design, construction and installation. 

Welding conforms with 
AS/NZS1665:2004 - Welding of Aluminium structures.

Cross over platforms

Walkway Cross Over Brochure