High Quality Single Sided Ladders

Industrial Single Sided Ladders - The tradesperson's choice

Allweld ladders are a genuine industrial grade ladder which is why serious tradespeople choose them.

Safety and stability is maximised with features such as a wider than standard base, non-slip 80mm wide steps and a minimum load rating of 150kg.

The single sided ladders boast a sturdy automatic locking spreader bar.

This locking mechanism is automatic which means the operator does not have to be relied upon to lock the ladder in the A frame position ruling out human error.

The spreader bar is built extremely strong unlike inferior ladders where they tend to break rendering the ladder useless.


Single sided ladder


Allweld Industrial Ladders manufacture a true industrial grade A frame aluminium ladder.

This means you ladder will not fail you and will last for years and tears.

Ladders are designed and constructed in accordance with AS/NZS 1665:2004 and AS/NZS 1892.1:2018 pt1 and are fully welded from high grade 6060 T5 aluminium.

The models range from two steps to fourteen steps high. The two, three, and four step models have a steady rail which radically increases your balance and therefore your safety.

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SS06 Two Step Single Sided Ladder

SS06 - 2 Step Single Sided

4 step single sided

SS12 - 4 Step Single Sided Ladder

Automatic Locking Spreader Bar

Automatic Locking Spreader bar for Single Sided Ladders

SS24 - 8 Step Single Sided Ladder

SS24 - 8 Step Single Sided