Aluminium Access Platforms

Mobile aluminium work access platform

Custom Shaped Platforms

Bridge Aluminium designs and fabricates aluminium platforms for any application.
Any size, any shape, any purpose.
Mobile aluminium work platforms, truck washing stands, truck maintenance stands, mezzanine ladders, walkways, access platforms, and temporary access stairs are all designed and manufactured at our factory.  
Height adjustable castors can be utilized at undulating sites to prevent platforms from rocking and becoming a safety hazard.
small aluminium step

Aluminium Mesh has Superior Grip

Aluminium walkway mesh platforms and stairs offer the ultimate in grip due to the knurled surface.
Ideal for areas prone to hydraulic fluid, oil and water.
Aluminium walkway mesh is strong and durable and offers maximum safety.
aluminium step up platform

Small Step Up

Custom pieces can be fabricated if you require a small step in a small area.
Call ALLWELD and they can design a solution for you that will make the job easier and safer.
B737 - aircraft access stair

Large Mobile Stairs

This B737 Access Platform is built to last, and built for safety. It has non-slip high visibility nosings, a tow hitch, guard rails, rubber bumper, wind down stabiliser jacks, aluminium walkway mesh stair treads. aluminium walkway mesh platform, safety decal, 200mm diameter heavy duty swivel braked castors, foot locks and structural aluminium bearers.
custom access platform with ladder access

Custom Mobile Aluminium Platform

This platform is extremely mobile because it is so easy for one person to push around. However it is extremely safe because the castors automatically disengage - no more relying on the operator to lock the wheels.  The castor carriage operated by levers which also are used to steer the unit.  A wide ladder access and treadplate platform with guard rails and a toeboard increases safety.
Mobile access tower

Mobile Access Tower

This mobile access tower has bolt on outriggers for extreme conditions.
Ladder Access with handrails each side, 200mm heavy duty lockable castors and a  treadplate platform.
The unit unbolts into three sections for transport.
Mobile access stair

Portable Access Stair Case

Temporary access stairs of all shapes and sizes are fabricated by ALLWELD.
A small access stair is extremely robust, yet mobile.

Marine carpet glued to 3mm aluminium, yellow step nosings and guard rails all around.
This unit is lifted at the step end and moved like a wheel barrow.
Custom access platform for tank

Tank Access Aluminium Platform

Designed and built specifically to access a tank hatch.
Ladder access, aluminium walkway mesh platform, guard rails and handrails each side of the ladder.
The platform shape has a radius internal edge to fit around the tank.
Rung ladder with cage for treatment plant access

Rung Ladder with Cage

ALLWELD has built many platforms for water plant infrastructure allowing engineers, operators and maintenance personnel access to valves, pipes, hatches and the like.
Rung ladders with safety cages, static lines, self closing gates, ladder lock outs are all made to adhere to stringent WHS codes.