Tripod Orchard Ladders & Picking Stools

For more than 30 years Allweld Tripod ladders have been used in Australian orchards and can stand the fierce rigors associated with orchard picking.

Tripod Orchard Ladders

Over the years the tripod ladder has been refined and improved in order to survive in this industry and as a result Allweld has a seriously heavy duty product.

Strong Safe Ladders Increases productivity and makes you money

Because the tripod ladder has only three legs it obtains a stable set up every time and when incorporated with a wider than standard base and foot spikes, it gives excellent stability. Increased stability increases the safety of pickers and reduces down time through injury. The ladders are still lightweight and manoeuvrable which enables the pickers to work faster saving you money. Wide flat steps increases picker comfort and allows them to work at optimum levels for longer. The single rear leg on the tripod ladder also enables pickers to position closer into trees making their job easier. Non slip grooves in the treads reduce foot slippage and maximises picker safety.

Ladders Welded with Marine Grade Aluminium

Fully welded from thick walled high grade 6060 T5 MF grade aluminium the tripod ladder is load rated to 150kg and is suitable for a huge variety of trees including apple, mandarin, cherry, fig, apricot, mango, peach, pear & custard apple.

Orchard pickers ladders
Picking Stools for Orchards

Allweld has also developed a range of picking stools. The platform is made from aluminium checker plate and measures 300mm x 370mm. The front edge has a steady rail which makes the picking stools comfortable and safe to use.

Ladders Aussie built, and built to last

Like all other Allweld Industrial products, the Picking Stool is very strong because it is fully welded using high grade material by qualified tradespeople. Allweld’s construction has an emphasis on strength and consequently achieves a lifespan of many, many years. Foot spikes give the stool good purchase on the ground adding to stability and therefore safety of the operator. A two step stool increases working height by 600mm.

Banana Ladders

Australian made banana ladders are manufactured by Allweld Industrial ladders.  Banana ladders are available from 5 steps (1.36m) to 12 steps (3.26m).  Banana ladders only have two legs and are designed to lean against the plant.  A chain with a protective plastic sleeve rests against the trunk to enable a stable rest and also ensures no damage is done to the trunk.  Foot spikes and a wide base adds to the stability.  Aluminium is light so the ladder is easy to carry around.
Orchard pickers stool
Banana Ladder

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