Order Picker Ladders

Order picker range
EMOP4 Easy Move Order Picker 4 step aluminium welded ladder from Allweld Australian Made

Order Picker Ladders

Allweld Industrial Ladders manufacture a range of fully welded, thick walled marine grade aluminium order pickers.

Ladders are designed and constructed in accordance with AS/NZS 1665:2004 and AS/NZS 1892.1:2018 pt1. These units are bigger than a standard platform ladder and do not fold up.
These ladders have a large 600mm wide by 750mm  treadplate platform and are rated to 250kg
Allweld order pickers are available with platform heights from 816mm up to 3806mm high.
Ideal for warehouse use, stock picking, truck washing and mezzanine access.

Pricing and specifications on the downloadable price list below.

EMOP9WT - 9 step Walk Through Order Picker Australian Made

Walk Through Order Picker Ladders

The Walk Through models have an extended platform and a boom gate to allow access off the platform.  This is ideal for getting onto such things as mezzanine floors, truck,, trailers and island platforms.  Because the platform extends out the platform can be pushed up against a vertical wall.

Pricing and specifications on the downloadable price list below.

EMOP8 - 8 step order picker with 200d wheels Australian Made

Safe Working at Height Platforms

Order Pickers provide a larger working area and safety and stability is maximised with a wider than standard base, a load rating of 250kg, non-slip 80mm wide steps, handrails, kick plates, and huge treadplate platforms. The range is ideally suited for order picking or for other tasks such as truck washing platforms. The large 750mm x 600mm treadplate platform provides plenty of room to work from and larger wheels can be fitted to negotiate rough surfaces.

Pricing and specifications on the downloadable price list below.
EPOSG - Optional Safety Gate for Walk though aluminium order picker ladders Australian Made

Safety Gates available for Order Picker Ladders

A safety gate option is also available for the ALLWELD Order Pickers. The safety gate works like a drop down boom gate and fully encloses the operator on the platform.

Pricing and specifications on the downloadable price list below.

EMOPLT Bolt on Loading tray for ALLWELD Easy Move Order Picker

Bolt on Loading Trays available

An optional loading tray can be purchased that fixes on top of the handrail in front of the operator.  This enables tools and gear to be placed here so the operator can free up their hands.  Another great safety option from ALLWELD.

Pricing and specifications on the downloadable price list below.
200mm diameter wheel upgrade

Optional 200mm diameter wheel available for ALLWELD Order Pickers

ALLWELD Easy Move Order Pickers can be optioned up with 200mm diameter castors. These castors are fixed but still can be locked for extra safety.  The 200mm diameter wheel upgrade is available when the Order Picker needs to negotiate rough terrain.  If you will be operating on hard stand surfaces the standard 125mm diameter wheels are fine.  The standard wheels are also fixed with a brake.  Warning decal states that the brakes must be locked when ladder in use.  To shift the ladder simply unlock the wheels, lift at the step end using the handrails as handles, and move like a wheel barrow.

Pricing and specifications on the downloadable price list below