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Aluminium Truck Tool boxes

Truck Fit Outs

ALLWELD Industrial Ladders' parent company is Bridge Aluminium Pty Ltd and they specialise in fabricating tool boxes. Robust 2.5mm treadplate is the material of choice and when fully seam welded it produces a solid product. Heavy duty Vector locks, gas struts (properly welded and gusseted in), centreflex hinge with inner rubber seal ensures a quality job. Custom made boxes utilise all of the available space. Individual trades can have unique storage needs and ALLWELD boxes accommodate this. 

Roller door truck tool boxes

Roller Door Tool Boxes

Tradie Heaven is working from a truck fitted out with Bridge Aluminium roller door tool boxes.
Roller door tool boxes enable the vehicle to get into tight spaces whilst still accessing the tool box.
They look great and provide great security, PLUS if by accident you happen to drive off without shutting the door you won't smash it off on a passing tree!
The boxes are all custom made to the size that suits you best, designed for any tool you may have.
Utilise all the space you have and fit more tools in.

Aluminium roller door tool boxes for trucks by Bridge Aluminium

Adjustable Internal Shelving

Built as Tough as Aussie Tradesmen

Our boxes are so strong that your "boys" won't need to use their kid gloves.
Bridge Aluminium only uses quality fittings, 3mm aluminium sheet, and fully seam welds each box for maximum strength.
We customize every job so you get what you want.
Ramps, ladders, roof racks and specialized compartments are no trouble and these extras will make your team more efficient.
Isuzu truck tool box

Overhead Truck Racks Increases Your Payload

Overhead Mesh Racks are Brilliant

Carry all of your tools so never again arrive at the job without the tool you need.
Big awkward stuff is no issue with an overhead cage. Mesh doors open downwards and anti rattle latches makes operation easy.
Overhead racks for trucks

Do the Maths!

An organised tool box with specific tool spaces lessens the chance of leaving tools behind.
It saves time looking for tools, and saves time packing them away.
More tools on board lessens the chance of rocking up at a job without something you need.
Mesh filled racks eliminates tying you load down, saving several hours per week.
Do the maths, it won't take long to pay for itself!
Custom design roller door Tool Boxes and racks for Trucks