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Australian Platform Ladders

ALLWELD manufactures and distributes Platform Ladders.
High quality industrial ladders rated at 200kg.
Aluminium access platform specialists.



Our genuine industrial grade platform ladders are highly regarded around Australia and are the preferred choice for most major construction companies.  

Our platform ladders, general ladders, mezzanine ladders, orchard ladders and custom ladders are sold throughout Australia and exported to more than 5 countries. 

At ALLWELD we continually strive to maximise the strength, safety and life of our products.

Ladders developed for the Fruit Growing Industry

Allweld’s successful ladder design was the result of the high demands placed on ladders by the Australian Fruit growing industry.
Orchardists required a heavy duty ladder that could stand up to the extreme rigours of fruit picking.
Over 30 years Allweld ladders have been refined and developed to these tough specifications. This design expertise is incorporated throughout the entire Allweld Industrial Ladder range.


Allweld Platform Ladder from Bridge Aluminium
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